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Our Programs: Class ACTS

Class ACTS= Authors Collaborating with Teachers and Students

 As authors we know how to read difficult texts closely so we get the main ideas, we know how to do research, and we know how to use what we learn to create books that make the subject inspiring and interesting for students. The CCSS and National Curriculum Standards are concerned with the nitty-gritty of how this is done. So by working with authors, you and your students begin to practice the process.

  • You select (with the optional help of our wonderful consultants)   a book that fits into your curriculum needs.
  • Together (author and teachers and/or consultants) we  figure out your goals for the book.
  • We plan how to use it with your students in your classroom. The book becomes a mentor text, an inspiration for classroom projects, and a shared experience in learning something new about the real world.
  • The children meet the author via videoconference to ask questions and to share their work inspired by the author.

The shift to this kind of classroom work is what the CCSS are meant to foster. Our Class ACTS program is tailored to your curriculum and your school’s needs. Best of all, you have access to the author according to your schedule.

How is this possible? Through interactive videoconferencing and online, ongoing written conversations.

We combine the excitement of the author visit with real hands- on interaction and you may be able to arrange to receive professional development credits all in one fell swoop.

For more information on building your own program click here.

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