Author Bio

Peggy Thomas - Curiosity Queen

Peggy Thomas has been bringing nonfiction into the classroom for more than 20 years, wowing students with little known facts and fun ways to do research. Telling true stories has always been a part of her life as the daughter of Margery and Howard Facklam, authors of many books on science and nature.  Thomas carries on the tradition writing books fueled by her own curiosity about a wide range of subjects from forensic anthropology and artificial intelligence to George Washington’s life at Mount Vernon.  Each title weaves together history and science in a narrative that crosses curriculum lines.

In the classroom Peggy discusses her writing process from research to revisions, sharing mistakes as well as those miraculous “Ah hah” moments.  She also encourages students to explore what they are curious about, and demonstrates how any subject can become fascinating if approached with an open mind.

Questions I Wrestle With

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