Author Bio

Heather L. Montgomery

Heather L. Montgomery is all about inquiry. Asking questions, seeking answers, discovering even more intriguing questions – research is her life! Heather’s print works focus on science with topics ranging from snakes to snail tongues. Her publications include How Rude! Real Bugs Who Won’t Mind their Manners (Scholastic), Highlights for Children, and  Rattlesnakes (Capstone).

Heather’s webinars typically include plenty of yuck appeal with burping bugs, tree guts and petrified body parts, but also address important skill such as including sensory details in descriptive writing, developing a hypothesis, analyzing sources, and thinking by analogy. Videoconferences can be tailored to specific needs of classes or small groups. Professional development programs are available for educators. With a B.S. in biology, a M.S. in environmental education and over 20 years teaching hands-on learning, Heather thrives on engaging young minds.

Questions I Wrestle With