Author Bio

Kerrie Hollihan

Kerrie Hollihan writes narrative nonfiction for kids and teens, channeling her inner sixth grade girl who read Compton’s Encyclopedia for fun. She connects readers to the past in ways that cross the curriculum in social studies, science, language arts, and fine arts. She tells it like it was, explaining the ‘whys’ as well as the ‘whats’ both in her books and school visits.

Kerrie puts the past into context as she tackles tough topics in her books about Isaac Newton, Theodore Roosevelt, Queen Elizabeth I, and women’s suffrage: segregated America, religious persecution, women’s rights, the bleakness of war. For teens, she writes about people – for the most part young adults — at turning points in their lives.

During school visits she asks middle graders to sit quietly to think, to take time to wonder, just as Isaac Newton did. She finishes by challenging kids to ask “What if?…”  With teens, her talks build links to people in the past — especially young people who felt every bit as modern as today’s teens see themselves.

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