Author Bio

Stephen R. Swinburne

Steve was born in London, England. He holds a BA degree in biology and english from Castleton State College in Vermont. He has worked as a ranger in a number of national parks and is the author of over 30 children’s books. His extensive travels to faraway countries such as Africa and Borneo, treks through Yellowstone National Park, and hikes in the highlands of Scotland have all influenced his writing. For his book projects, Steve swims with manatees, howls for wolves and cradles bear cubs. His first mid-grade novel, Wiff and Dirty George, appeared in 2010. His most recent title is called Sea Turtle Scientist (published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt).

Steve travels across the United States and around the world entertaining and educating school kids, bringing his nonfiction adventures alive and helping to inspire young authors by emphasizing the use of strong verbs, vivid details and the power of hooking the reader with a great lead.

He lives in Vermont with his wife Heather, two dogs named Scout and Jem, and a cat named Skittles. He plays the ukulele but not nearly enough

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