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The Nonfiction Minute

Publication resumes September 8 - a teachable moment for memorable learning

Welcome to iNK THINK TANK!

The award-winning authors  of iNK (Interesting Nonfiction for Kids) promote the use of nonfiction in classrooms through programs that help teachers use real books to teach to curriculum standards in ways that excite and inspire students. 

HERE’S WHO WE ARE….We are now a nonprofit!  Out url has changed.  We are but if you make a mistake and type “.com” you’ll still find us.  With a strong emphasis on nonfiction, the Common Core State Standards and many individual state standards make this the perfect time to get to know iNK.  Scroll down our impressive list of  iNK Thinkers.


The Nonfiction Minute Here you will find  an archive of short pieces of non-fiction, one for every school day, on a wide variety of topics, written by outstanding iNK nonfiction authors for children. And the best news is—it’s all FREE and waiting to be used by you and your students. How? In an introduction on the “For Teachers” page,  Dr. Myra Zarnowski of Queens College gives suggestions of how to use these nuggets of nonfiction in the classroom.  You get to know our authors so maybe you’ll get their books from the library. And it only takes a minute!

iNK Think Tank Database Find books on all subjects for all ages that fit into your curriculum.  FREE!

Authors on CalliNK Will immerse your school in the excitement of learning when teachers and students collaborate with iNK authors.  These  cost effective “writer in residence” programs are delivered through interactive videoconferencing and written support through communication on a private wiki.

The I.N.K. Blog Almost every day from January, 2008, through June, 2014, iNK authors shared their thoughts on all things nonfiction. The blog is a treasure trove of information, opinion, musings, humor and general thoughtfulness and searchable by keyword (author names are among the keywords).

Vicki Cobb is a Contributor to the Huffington Post where she writes on education and reviews children’s nonfiction books.

Our Books

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